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Roast from white sausage with egg in dough

Easter is a time when egg and sausage dishes can not be missed. Who, however, said that recipes with traditional products are supposed to be boring and clichéd? On this holiday, we suggest you try roast white sausages with egg in a batter.


We are sure that thanks to this recipe, you will gain the approval of all those who value an unconventional approach to tradition. You can serve them hot and cold, which is why it will also work as a cold snack. Discover the recipe here

Horseradish sauce
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Roulade with bacon

Bacon roulade is another dish that fits perfectly in combining tradition with a modern approach to Christmas dishes. The roulade enriched with dried plums, dark vine sauce and aromatic spices will certainly take over the palate of many Christmas enthusiasts of meat and original dishes. You can serve it to dinner or as a substitute for meats.

Dark baking sauce
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